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Flowing In The Coming Apostolic Order

The River of God’s Spirit Today Ezekiel 47:7-11 “7.Now when I had returned, behold, at …more

What Constitutes A Real Revival?

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Some Random Monday Thoughts

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Revival Thoughts From Jonathan Edwards

Revival. It’s a very caustic word to some. It’s a source or irritation to others. …more

Thoughts On Apostles #2

Since this pandemic began you have heard me say repeatedly, we cannot come out of …more

August Kenya Schools of Ministry Dates

We are very glad the situation in Kenya has improved and the President has lifted …more

Thoughts On The Apostles #1

For well over twenty years I have been studying, researching, meditating and pondering what place …more

Revival Now Podcast #6 – The Anointing

We have posted a new podcast titled “The Anointing”. We hope you will be blessed …more

More Resurrection Thoughts

He is Risen! It’s now a few days after our Resurrection Celebrations World Wide. I’m …more