5 Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Leadership

Being a pastor, deacon, worship leader, boss, manager, or supervisor doesn’t make you a great leader.

Anyone can get a promotion and be in charge of a team. However, it takes commitment, personality, and focus to become a quality leader.

Excellent leadership skills are something most people can develop over time. While some people already have the confidence and vision to be a great leader, others need to build their leadership skills from the ground up.

If you’re in a position where you need to start showcasing your leadership side, don’t worry. The following tips could give you the guidance you need to build your position as a motivational and inspirational leader.

Try these strategies:

  1. Know what kind of leader you want to be. It’s hard to become a motivational leader if you don’t know what one looks like. You need a general idea of how you’d describe a strong leader, so you have a benchmark to aim towards.
    1. A good way to start is to look into some inspirational figures in your industry. Think about the kind of leaders that appeal most to you and find out what kind of leadership styles they use.
    1. Transformational leaders stand out because they’re empowering, positive, and inspiring, but each person approaches their role differently.
    1. If you’re not sure what your leadership style is, you can take quizzes online to help you find out.
    1. Once you know what kind of leader you are, and who you want to become, you can start planning a route to success.
  2. Encourage creativity. If you really want to achieve incredible things, it’s important to encourage those around you. A creative team is more likely to come up with positive ideas on how to grow your business and generate new opportunities.
    1. With that in mind, be sure that everyone in your staff feels comfortable sharing their thoughts with you.
    1. Offer challenges to your team members and ask them to compete with their best ideas. You could also ensure that it’s easy for people from all over your business to provide feedback about the ideas they like most.
  3. Embody the values you want to see. Be the leader you want others to follow. Leaders are there to guide and inspire the people around them. If you want to see incredible things from your staff, give them a model to replicate.
    1. Although it can be difficult to present yourself as a role model, particularly if you’re new to leadership, it all starts with understanding your values. Think about the kind of things that matter most to you as a leader and what you want to see in your followers.
    1. When you begin to showcase the things that you ask for from your staff, you’ll notice that they can more often imitate the actions you want to see. For instance, if you want your employees to be passionate about their roles, show evidence of your own passion often.
  4. Invest in Communication. Strengthen your communication skills wherever possible. This includes ensuring that you can effectively communicate when you’re chatting to people over video call or conference, as well as when you’re communicating in person.
    1. Good leaders should always make time to talk to their colleagues and team members as often as possible.
    1. This includes leaving the lines of communication open, so your staff can come to you with any feedback that they haven’t been able to share in a group meeting or recent session.
    1. Ensure that no-one ever feels nervous about coming to you with insights or just questions about what to do next.
  5. Encourage and motivate your team. As a leader, you can judge yourself by the successes of your team. Ultimately, the wins of the people you lead are your wins too. It’s important to constantly encourage, motivate, and inspire your team members to achieve the best outcomes.
    1. Avoid taking all the spotlight in any situation. This is important, especially in ministry
    1. Ask your team members to give their input as often as they can. You can also make it easier for people who are less extroverted to share ideas.
    1. Providing a digital environment where people can submit insight anonymously might be a good idea in some business landscapes.
    1. In others, it might be helpful to sit down with staff members face to face every so often, so you can discuss their goals and how they align with the overall targets of the business. 

Strengthen your leadership skills with these strategies and become the leader you aspire to be.

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David Copeland

David has been actively involved in church leadership since 1978, the year he accepted his call to the ministry. David currently lives in the East Alabama community of Lanett with his wife of almost four decades Pam. David passionately believes in the local church and served in almost every facet of local church ministry before launching into full time itinerant ministry in 2001. Since then, David has trained pastors and leaders, conducted crusades, help plant churches, and conducted revival campaigns across the United States as well as South America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Kenya East Africa. He and Pam currently lead the Revival Now Schools of Ministry across Kenya as well as helping to establish and build the Hope Centre Children's Home in Kilgoris, Kenya. David ministers with a strong prophetic edge and is passionate about bringing people to a living relationship with Jesus, developing leaders, and empowering those around him to live as Spirit filled disciples of Jesus. He holds a  BA, MA and a Doctor of Theology from Omega Bible Institute and Seminary in Monroe, Louisiana.

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