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May 2022 Newsletter/Kenya Update

We spent almost the entire month of April in Kenya …more

April 2022 Newsletter

Isaiah 22:20-25 Our word for 2022 continues to come from …more

Bishop Charles Henderson, 1935-2022

Today I get the honor of representing our AEGA Family …more

March 2022 Newsletter

Isaiah 22:20-23 20 And it shall come to pass in that …more

February 2022 Newsletter

Isaiah 22:15-25 15 Thus saith the Lord God of hosts, …more

Random Thoughts For Friday January 21

I appreciate so many men & women of God He …more

January 2022 Revival Now Newsletter

I have never been as excited for a new year …more

Returning To Kenya

This picture is very special to me. I know I …more

5 Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Leadership

Being a pastor, deacon, worship leader, boss, manager, or supervisor …more

Restoration Chapel Dedication

October 23rd we were honored to take part in the …more

Recent Thoughts On The Fatherlessness Epidemic

I know these thoughts are kind of scattered, but as …more

August 2021 Revival Now School of Ministry Update

While we are not able to travel to Kenya for …more