Thoughts On The Apostles #1

For well over twenty years I have been studying, researching, meditating and pondering what place if any, apostles have in our modern church world. I am certainly NOT a cessationist (one that believes certain gifts and offices passed away with the early disciples), but neither can I stomach some of the actions of some who claim to be apostles in our day. I have also learned over time, you can’t throw the baby out with the bath water: someone needs to pull the plug on the dirty water and clean the baby up!

My wife has told me for many years I am an apostle. Many others call me an apostle. I’m not at the place where I would claim that title just yet, mainly because I’m not a person seeking after a title. Any title, honor or recognition I have ever received, I never sought for it, it came to me; people sought me out and gave me any recognition that I have.

There are many who believe that the term apostle actually comes from the Roman system of government. When the Roman military would conquer a city or nation, apostles were “sent” (apostle means one sent with a message) to teach the conquered people to live like Rome, work like Rome, redesign the city like Rome, dress like Rome so that if Ceasar were to come riding into the new city, it would make him think he was in Rome.

I do know this: we are citizens of another country, another King, whose builder and maker is God. This world is NOT our home, we are only passing through. Paul tells the Corinthian people we are ambassadors for Christ with the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5). Our job as Kingdom citizens it to live like Jesus, speak like Jesus, dress like Jesus (not necessarily in robes and sandals), allow Him to design our lives so that when His Presence comes in our midst He feels right at home.

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David Copeland

David has been actively involved in church leadership since 1978, the year he accepted his call to the ministry. David currently lives in the East Alabama community of Lanett with his wife of almost four decades Pam. David passionately believes in the local church and served in almost every facet of local church ministry before launching into full time itinerant ministry in 2001. Since then, David has trained pastors and leaders, conducted crusades, help plant churches, and conducted revival campaigns across the United States as well as South America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Kenya East Africa. He and Pam currently lead the Revival Now Schools of Ministry across Kenya as well as helping to establish and build the Hope Centre Children's Home in Kilgoris, Kenya. David ministers with a strong prophetic edge and is passionate about bringing people to a living relationship with Jesus, developing leaders, and empowering those around him to live as Spirit filled disciples of Jesus. He holds a  BA, MA and a Doctor of Theology from Omega Bible Institute and Seminary in Monroe, Louisiana.

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