May 2022 Newsletter/Kenya Update

We spent almost the entire month of April in Kenya leading the Revival Now Schools of Ministry there.

We arrived in Malava on April 8th excited for the opportunity to lead all three of our Schools of Ministry. We woke up on Saturday morning with the news that our Malava Coordinator’s mother, Pastor Loice Taliti went to heaven during the night. She had not been sick and was so excited for us coming back to Malava. She had been waiting all day to see us, calling Bishop Elly every two hours wanting to know where we were. She saw Jesus instead. Her and her husband Bishop David planted over 280 churches across the Western Region of Kenya. They were both very powerful leaders and will be greatly missed, not only in Malava, but in all the churches of the PEFA Fellowship. We were honored to take part in her homegoing ceremony before we traveled to Kilgoris.

The Malava School was packed with almost 300 registered for the classes. Covid has severely affected our attendance still, with many dropping out due to financial reasons. While Revival Now pays for 90% of the cost to attend the schools, there are transportation costs to and from their homes and other needs they must care for before coming to School.

Gas prices in Kenya are currently over $6 per gallon with a shortage of fuel due to conflicts between the government and the oil companies. It has been challenging, but Edwin Moranga our driver, has made sure our tanks have stayed full of fuel to allow us to move around to the places we needed to go to. My son in law David had a vision of us being taken care of fuel-wise, and it has happened just like God showed him. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you Edwin for a job well done!

April 16-23 we were in Kilgoris, our official/unofficial Headquarters for Revival Now Kenya, where on Sunday April 17th, we received 13 new churches into the Revival Now Church Network Fellowship. A joint venture of Revival Now & AEGA Ministries, we currently have 21 churches across Kenya that are contending for a genuine heaven-sent revival to touch the nation of Kenya as well as all of East Africa.

April 18-22 we saw just over 100 pastors and leaders gather from across Transmara, the Central Rift Valley as well as from Nairobi where God again, did not disappoint us. Since the day we landed in Nairobi, there has been a distinct Presence of the Lord that has ministered among us. The flow of anointing between the teachers, the hunger in the pastors & leaders, and the Spirit collided to seal in our hearts the Word that was declared in the classes.

As I write this newsletter, we are in Narok for the final School of Ministry for this trip. Again, we have students that have come from across Kenya, and we even has a Korean missionary from Busia, who heard about us and has come to give us an  invitation to visit her area around Lake Victoria to establish a branch of Revival Now there. She has already pledged a piece of land that will be given from her ministry to us (this helps a lot) to help with the effort of expansion.

Again today, the Holy Spirit hovered over the classes and touched so many of the students who are devouring every word that is being spoken.

There are definitely changes “popping” all around us. Pam and I have sensed the change in our lives and in the ministry and we are continuing to seek the Lord for His perfect direction. There is so much happening I just don’t know where to begin. I had a dream last night in which one of mine & Pam’s mentors approached me and began to challenge me to speak more boldly about what God is doing with us in the nations. 

Pam and I BOTH know God has brought us to the Kingdom for such a time as this. I know we are called to the nations; not just one nation. We are not called to move to another country because we know our assignment is best suited for the way we are currently doing it. At this moment, our assignment is here in Kenya, for the fruit is bearing witness to this. Our work with Hope Centre Children’s Home is growing and we are very thankful to everyone who has helped us bring that project from a bare piece of pastureland to a beautiful home for some forgotten children in SW Kenya. But there is more He is calling us to!

These Schools of Ministry we are leading & paying for with the help of you our partners, is meeting a need in the lives of rural pastors that is indescribable. I never envisioned myself as a missionary, and to many full-time missionaries, we should not even call ourselves a missionary. Not being negative, that’s just the way the “machine” has taught them to think. But what we are doing through the Revival Now Schools of Ministry and the Revival Now/AGEA Church Network, is giving rural pastors across this land a chance to stand on our shoulders, gain a basic Bible certificate that is being required by the government of Kenya beginning August 1st of this year, an impartation, and a validation that has been lacking in their lives. 

Thank you for your support of our international outreaches. Because of you, many are coming to the Kingdom for such a time as this.

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David Copeland

David has been actively involved in church leadership since 1978, the year he accepted his call to the ministry. David currently lives in the East Alabama community of Lanett with his wife of almost four decades Pam. David passionately believes in the local church and served in almost every facet of local church ministry before launching into full time itinerant ministry in 2001. Since then, David has trained pastors and leaders, conducted crusades, help plant churches, and conducted revival campaigns across the United States as well as South America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Kenya East Africa. He and Pam currently lead the Revival Now Schools of Ministry across Kenya as well as helping to establish and build the Hope Centre Children's Home in Kilgoris, Kenya. David ministers with a strong prophetic edge and is passionate about bringing people to a living relationship with Jesus, developing leaders, and empowering those around him to live as Spirit filled disciples of Jesus. He holds a  BA, MA and a Doctor of Theology from Omega Bible Institute and Seminary in Monroe, Louisiana.

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